About Us

Hello! My name is Jacelyn Cole and I am the owner of Surefire Performance and Design. I started leatherwork in early 2019 as a 4H project in my local horse club. Since then I have discovered all new possibilities and opportunities that arise from owing a small business. I have found that the most rewarding part of this journey is having amazing family, friends and followers that have supported me through this adventure. 

When I started Surefire Performance and Design I had no idea how much growth we would have in such a small time. Within a year I was making custom projects for people all over Canada and North America. I started with smaller products such as simple nosebands, pop cozies, earrings, etc. but I soon found out I wanted to make more. From there I made many large, scary purchases to try and expand my business, and I am so happy that I did. I now make all different products including belts, watchbands, dog collars and so much more!

So where did the name Surefire Performance and Design come from? 

I've been asked this question many many times! Years ago (before I was even born) horses roomed wild on the Suffield Base near Hanna, Alberta. These horses were needing to be rehomed and my mom, Heather Pedersen decided to save one special mare who happened to be pregnant, named "Prairie Fire". A few months later "Surefire" was born. Surefire is one of those mares that has touched so many hearts over the years and has encouraged numerous people to get to the place they are now. In her years of training she has done thousands of events, taught hundreds of kids and touched so many hearts. She is one of those horses that you never forget. 

So when I was trying to come up with a business name, I was told to think of something that meant a lot to me. That is a pretty easy choice when you've had a horse in your life forever. As I knew it was important to me, and so many of my peers knew and came to love Surefire, I felt it was the perfect way to describe my passion for this business. I felt this name represented everything I wanted my business to be; passionate, involved, creative and from the heart. 

As a one woman show, I pride myself on making quality products that are perfect for each individual, while maintaining customer relationships that last a life time!

(Photo is of Prairie Fire, Surefire and my mom)