Care Instructions

I pride myself on creating durable, long-lasting leather products, but that does come with proper care and maintenance to allow my products to live up to there full potential. In any case, leaving your leather dirty, sweaty, or wet can shorten it's lifespan and cause it to become weak and brittle. To fulfill my products long-lasting life I recommend regular maintenance and using some of my care tips!

1. Ensure you check any screws and conchos on a monthly basis. When first receiving the product, it is always a good idea to double check before use. Items that usually have screws are nosebands, tack sets, watchbands, belts, etc. 

2. Sweating is very hard on both leather and hardware. It will corrode hardware and brittle leather after prolonged exposure. Ensure you clean any leather immediately after being exposed to excessive sweating. 

3. Baby wipes are great to clean any hardware, such as conchos, buckles, centre plates, etc. 

4. Deep cleaning/conditioning of leather should happen a minimum of once a year. Saddle Soap is a great resource to repair, soften and water resist leather items. 

5. To prevent mold, you need to store all leather products in a climate controlled area.  Avoid any moist areas.

6. When leather gets wet it will harden and can be very hard on a product. To prevent this, condition or oil immediately after the product gets wet. In most cases, water will shorten the length of my products lifespan so assuring this doesn't happen is extremely important. 

7. Any products with fringe need to be stored in an area where they can properly hang down. If not, it can curl. 

I work hard to ensure all my products last as long as they can and stay strong. It is the responsibility of the customer to follow these care tips to ensure the best outcomes for their leather products. In order to own long lasting quality products, it is very important to treat them with care. Thank you again for everyone who has ordered from me in the past or will be ordering in the future. It is greatly appreciated!